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We do Railroad Track Construction, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Equipment Rentals

  Our Project Goals:

  Safety First

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New Track Construction

N&J Railroad Contractors has a very well trained labor force and construction management team, able to handle large projects of any size.

Emergency Track Repair

Our experienced team of engineers and track experts will provide you with the right equipment and expertise for any job. We can do both design and construction. Call for details.

Track Maintenance

N&J Railroad Contractors will maintain any existing rail systems. Routine maintenance of your track system will insure a long productive rail system life.

Equipment Rentals

We rent Rail Equipment and provide the operator.  If your project exceeds the capabilities of your fleet of heavy equipment, flexible rentals provide a cost effective alternative to purchasing new.

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 Our Services

Leading Midwest Railway industry Contractor


 Our Land Surveyors can locate and provide details for our construction crew as required for TOPO, rail and intersections locations.

Engineering and Design

N&J Railroad Contractors will perform emergency repair work to bring your rail system back to operational standards.  Call us 24/7 for any and all emergencies.  

Track Inspection

We follow US Department of Transportation's, Federal Railroad Administrations Track Safety Guidelines. We will provide a complete report of the inspection, with necessary recommendations that will ensure your compliance with the Safety Standards.

Signal & Crossing Repair

Our team at N&J Railroad Contractors;. Whether it’s concrete, rubber, timber, asphalt or rock, our labor force is trained in all crossing applications.

Track Surfacing Ballast Regulator

Special Projects

N&J Railroad Contractors We are prepared to handle any and all rail systems projects. Please call for a detailed quote..

New or Rehabilitation Services Tie replacement or laying of new rail, re-surfacing, track alignment, ballasting for stability, drainage and support.  We can offer maximum efficiency and value.

Model 46-2 Ballast Regulator

Model  3000 Spot Tamper

Model 6700  Switch tamper

Model 900 Utility Tamper

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